Buffer Spring

Metal Buffer Spring

Iron made Metal Buffer Springs are used as suitable accessories for electro communication system, automobile and hardware. These iron products are used as indispensable parts of firearms, shock absorbers for vehicles and spring buffers. Designed as per RoHS and ISO norms, these accessories can be availed with zinc plated or nickel or chrome plated surface finished based choice. These ergonomically designed Metal Buffer Springs can minimize impact and are capable of absorbing vibration. Accurate dimension, high strength, long lasting quality, capacity to endure extension based load and maintenance free design are the key characteristics of these accessories.

buffer spring square section

The buffer spring square section is used in various industries for manufacturing processes.  It is used for making of many kind of things and can handle a lot of weight. It is used for compression and can be used in many industries like construction. Metal and others. The spring is made of high quality metal and is made for commercial and industrial purposes. The buffer spring square section is compatible with many machines and is very durable. The buffer spring is of versatile design and can handle high compression without breaking, it is also used in many product manufacturing.

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